DSI International

Industry: Industrial


DSI were looking for a solution to reduce operating costs across the site. The site was large, with some areas used more frequently than others, and the business had recently undergone significant operational changes. The business was looking to make improvements to the site to prepare for upcoming sale.

The project

Ozwide Group were engaged to provide access to substantial savings across DSI’s lighting infrastructure, through the NSW Energy Savings Scheme. 1,478 fittings were assessed as being upgradeable and the payback period for such a large project was significantly short.


Over 4 months and after a complete redesign, the project was completed with no major disruptions. DSI are now enjoying safer, brighter working environments whilst saving roughly $197,000 per year on their lighting infrastructure. Over 10 years, they will save almost $2M and the payback period for this project was just 5 months.