Ozwide Energy Solutions

Ozwide Group energy solutions are designed to reduce complexity, usage, and cost, and deliver greater results in less time.

LED Lighting Upgrades

Whether you’re a small or large business, Ozwide Group provides you with solutions to upgrade your existing lighting to market-leading LED fittings. In doing this, you can enjoy:

Up to 70% reduction in energy cost

By upgrading your equipment and fittings, you can save up to 70% on your energy costs.

Upgrade, and it pays itself off!

Through extremely low installation costs and significantly lower running costs, your payback time for upgrading your equipment and fittings can be as low as 1 month!

Up to 100% subsidised. Meaning, no cost to you!

You can upgrade your equipment and fittings (including installation) for as little as $0

Reduced environmental footprint

An ability to report to shareholders, clients, and the public on sizable reductions in your environmental footprint and greenhouse gas emissions.

Ozwide Group specialises in commercial and industrial lighting. In the last 6 years, we’ve upgraded 150,000+ lighting products to energy efficient LED, making us the industry leader in this space.

We provide a turnkey solution from proposal to completion of works, including all government rebates. Meaning, you leave it all up to us.

We take pride in being:

(1) Experienced

Experienced in completing large-scale lighting installations in complex operating conditions. Many of our clients operate 24/7 and Ozwide Group regularly delivers projects within these complex scheduling situations, ensuring downtime is minimised and business operations continue as normal.

(2) Competitive

Able to provide a dramatically reduced capital expenditure which in many cases, results in a greatly reduced or completely free supply and installation of LED lighting due to the financial rebates available (typically between 70%-100% price reduction) depending on the unique circumstance of your business.

(3) Comfortable in complex deployment situations

Familiar with a broad range of lighting deployment situations-our broad client base is drawn from a range of industries including transport, healthcare (including large hospitals), universities, industrial warehousing and factories, hospitality, retail, Rural and asset portfolio management. This means we’ll have the answer for your situation, no matter what sector or how complex.

(4) Skilled and efficient

Highly skilled-we only engage with experienced ‘A’ grade electricians who pride themselves on getting the job ‘done once, done right.’

(5) VEU and ESS accredited

The first electrical contracting business to be accredited to complete Commercial Lighting upgrades as part of the Victorian Energy Upgrade (VEU) Program, and one of the largest participants in the NSW Energy Saving Program (ESS).


Energy efficiency programs

Whether you’re a retailer, landlord, managing agent, or tenant – by partnering with Ozwide Group for Energy Efficiency Programs you’ll receive:

Up to 70% reduction in energy costs!

By upgrading your plant and equipment, you can save up to 70% on your energy costs.

Integration ready

The ability to integrate our proven and ‘ready to launch’ Energy Efficiency Program capability directly into the day-to-day operations of your organisation.

Proactive energy management

The ability to analyse energy usage patterns and manage user behaviours to drive energy efficiency and reliability initiatives

Measurement and verification method

We offer the Measurement and Verification (PIAM&V) method of calculating your energy rebates. This is more specific measurement to determine your rebates, meaning,

Up to 100% subsidised. Meaning, no cost to you!

You can upgrade your plant and equipment (including installation) for as little as $0.

Reduced environmental footprint

An ability to report to shareholders, clients, and the public on sizable reductions in your environmental footprint and greenhouse gas emissions.

Modern look and feel

A modern and professional look & feel when clients or customers visit your buildings, and a safer workplace environment for your employees

Power factor correction (PFC)

Power factor correction (PFC) aims to improve power factor, and therefore power quality. It reduces the load on the electrical distribution system,increases energy efficiency.

Upgrade, and it pays itself off!

Your new savings and low (and often non-existent) installation costs mean upgrading your plant and equipment pays itself off in no time.

Sector leading product and service

Access to our sector leading and exclusive partnerships with the most recognised and respected suppliers of quality energy efficiency products.

Full project accountability

Administrative and compliance expertise. Unlike many others offering energy efficiency upgrades, Ozwide has full project lifecycle accountability-from meeting with your business.

Voltage optimisation (VO) and other related services

Voltage Optimisation is an energy saving technology that is used to regulate, clean and condition the incoming power supply in order to reduce the voltage supplied.

Our Ozwide Group energy solutions experts have specialised knowledge and experience in energy efficiency rebate programs. We work with you and your business to maximise the potential benefits, whilst navigating complex regulatory environments and ensuring full compliance with governing program requirements.

We’re trusted to get the job ‘done once, done right’ by an extensive range of clients from a broad range of industries

Solar & battery design and install

Ozwide Group offers a range of services to support the design and deployment of both small and large-scale solar photovoltaic (PV) systems across commercial, domestic, and rural sectors.  Through partnerships with Australia’s largest manufacturers and distributors, we only sell quality Tier 1 systems providing our clients with guaranteed confidence in their generation investment.  Our services include:

PV System design

We custom design your PV system specific to your needs. To do this, we work with you to learn about your kWh usage, available mounting space, shading issues.

Installation and commissioning

Using quality, certified, and vetted installers, your bespoke system is installed to last.

System management and remote monitoring

Easily and confidently monitor and manage important system functions like energy usage, battery bank state of charge, generator status plus.

Finance solutions

We offer access to financing solutions as well as Government rebate discounts up-front to make your system more affordable.

Battery storage solutions

To compliment your solar PV system, we also design and install bespoke battery storage solutions.

You need a field service partner both unafraid of the challenges and aware of the opportunities that change brings. You need a quality assured energy solutions provider who has the right systems in place to ensure your business is ready for tomorrow, today. Ozwide Group is the answer.

Project Management

Ozwide Group can project manage and oversee your next electrical systems installation or upgrade. We work with you on your large-scale, commercial electrical projects where you can rest assured that from start to finish, your project will be completed safely and with uncompromised quality, including:


We begin each new project by defining the main objectives of the project, its purpose, and its scope. We also identify key internal and external stakeholders, discuss shared expectations, and gain the required authorization necessary to move a project forward.


During this phase, we complete the work that has been identified in the project plan. Our role is to assign this work and to ensure that tasks are completed as scheduled. During this process, we also:

  • Protect the team from distractions
  • Facilitate issue resolution
  • Lead the team in working through project change


During this phase, we ensure all activities necessary to achieve the final result are completed. During the close of your project, we will:

  • Work with you to get formal sign-off that the project is complete
  • Release any resources (budget or personnel) who are no longer needed for the project
  • Review the work of third-party vendors or partners in order to close their contracts and pay their invoices
  • Archive project files for future reference and use


Once the project is approved, we work with key stakeholders to create an integrated project plan focused on attaining the outlined goals.

The plan established during this process helps us oversee scope, cost, timelines, risk, quality issues, and communications. It’s during this phase that we will outline key deliverables and milestones and identify the tasks that must be completed.

It’s important to be aware that project “planning” doesn’t actually end until the project does. We treat our project plans as living documents that constantly evolve and change throughout the project.

Monitoring and controlling

Monitoring and controlling processes commence at the beginning of your project and continue throughout planning, execution, and closing. In the monitoring and controlling phase, we look at:

  • Monitoring the progress of your project
  • Managing the project’s budget
  • Ensuring that key milestones are reached
  • Comparing actual performance against planned/scheduled performance

Contractor Management

When you engage Ozwide Group as your electrical contractor, you’re tapping into 15 years of highly refined methodology and experience in the electrical contracting space, as well as an extensive Australia-wide network of quality workers. Opportunities you may find of value in this service include:

  • Allowing you to upscale quickly to get your project completed
  • Reduce the number of employees your business needs for the job
  • Gives you access to skills for short periods of time, without having to take on the risk of employing someone directly
  • Can supplement limited company resources during periods of unusual demand

We take pride in our work and our reputation, which means we go the extra mile when it comes to managing our contractors.  This includes: 

Pre-job Planning

We believe it’s vital that the requirements of the job are established before engaging any of our contractors.

Induction and Training Sessions

Given the potential hazards and safety risks in our industry, we believe high standards of inductions and training increases workforce productivity.

Prequalification of Contractors

All prospective contractors are given a list of all the details they are required to provide. The prequalification stage also includes checking workers.

Risk Assessment and Management

Any project can contain a variety of risks that can lead to project delays, cost overruns and worker injuries.


Once prequalification has been carried out, we make sure that our contractors have a clear understanding of the job they’re carrying out and any risks involved.

Giving Feedback

We listen to our contractors to maximise the efficiency of their workforce. We employ a system that allows for continuous feedback.

Large-scale asset install rollouts

Ozwide has proven systems to execute successfully within large-scale, complex and challenging projects. We have an extensive track record of successful joint-ventures, and our model is designed identify, achieve, and support success in these projects.

With a heritage of rolling out large-scale electrical assets and remediation works, including installing 250 000+ smart meters within Victoria and NSW alone, we work with your business to deliver outstanding value creation in the following areas:

Field mobility

Provision of best practice field mobility technology, meaning saved time and money during deployment.

Workforce deployment

We’re experts in field service workforce deployment in all scenarios, from initial installation through to partnering with regulatory bodies to remediate widespread faults.

Asset inspection

We’re experienced asset inspection specialists in the ‘high compliance’ and consumer and business facing areas.

Workforce data

Field workforce data collection and analytics-utilising reporting and data analytics to derive greater field worker safety and efficiency.

Warranty and fault response

Ozwide provides efficient rectification of reported issues to ensure high reliability is maintained.

We’ve become a trusted long-term partner of a diverse range of organisations in both the public and private sectors. Our relationships with our clients are testament to our motivation of long-term value creation, not short-term gain. Our highly skilled workforce, combined with strong management and consultancy capabilities, makes Ozwide Group the perfect choice for your field and utility service deployment needs.