Wilson Carpark

Industry: Car Park


CBRE, who manage the carpark property, were experiencing high ongoing maintenance costs as the older fluorescent fittings, especially the emergency lights, were failing and creating OH&S issues. Energy bill costs were extremely costly to their client, Wilson Carparks, as the carpark operates 24/7.

The project

Ozwide were engaged to source a low wattage replacement for all the standard and emergency fittings. This solution needed to integrate with sensor and daylight control, as well as provide differing dimming capabilities depending on the different use areas in the carpark. The VEU rebate contributed to a whopping 97% upfront discount on the entire project.


We were able to complete the works with minimal disruption to the traffic and clientele. Higher traffic areas, such as ramps and thoroughfares, were set to illuminate longer than areas above parked cars resulting in extensive additional energy savings.